Product Info


  • The Sun Surveillance SolsticeCam™ is a complete and autonomous wireless solar powered security camera system.   
  •  The security camera and wireless device (including point-to-point-radios, mesh nodes, cellular gateways, etc.) are solar powered and video is accessed wirelessly.  
  • Independence from the grid (for power) and from data cables (for accessing video) essentially allows any security camera to be placed in almost any location, yet video can still be conveniently accessed by the user from any location via the Internet.
  • Customers are provided the option of a wireless solar powered system with or without a pole (see specifications for further details).
  • Each wireless solar powered security camera system is built according the requirement of each solar location and is also based on the power requirements of the customer's selected camera and wireless hardware.
  • PTZ

    SolsticeCam™ PTZ 

  • Fixed

    SolsticeCam™ Fixed 

  • Thermal

    SolsticeCam™ Thermal Series