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2024-2025 Product Guide

Sun Surveillance Product Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use my own pole?
    Yes; our systems are designed to attach to any pole with a 4.5 inch diameter or larger.
  • How many days of battery backup?
    First of all, we guarantee all of our systems with a 24/7 365 performance guarantee and a 3 year product warranty; but if you still want to know, we don’t produce any solar systems with less than 5 days of backup; and in many cases, there is much more than 5 days to make sure you are covered for your local climate and weather patterns.
  • Can I provide my own cameras?
    Yes; just let us know the make and model for system engineering.
  • Will it work with my camera?
    If you can power it traditional power, we can power it with solar.
  • Can I provide my own wireless radio?
    Yes; just let us know make/model for system engineering.
  • Do you do installations?
    We do not install our systems but will frequently assist our integration partners on a technical level, if assistance is warranted.
  • How much do these systems cost?
    Cost variances depend largely on the total power consumption of the cameras and wireless, the amount of sunlight where the system is being installed, if we provide to pole or you provide the pole, and the quantity of systems.
  • Will these systems work in all climates?
    Yes, we ensure that your solution is appropriately engineered to withstand the temperature extremes of the climate where they are installed.
  • How far will the wireless reach?
    Dependent upon line of sight and other wireless factors in the installation location, up to several miles or more.
  • How long will my batteries last?
    While our batteries often last 5 or more years, we recommend that each Sun Surveillance unit’s batteries be replaced every 4 years to prevent possible down time.
  • Can I put the solar panel down low and the camera at the top?
    In most cases, yes as long as the panels aren’t shaded.

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